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Posted on Dec 11, 2014
Due to the investment needed to redecorate a house, it is unpractical to redesign everything every time a new trend comes along. That being said, a homeowner should feel free to incrementally upgrade and change a houses interior as new … More
Posted on Nov 18, 2014
With the recent technological breakthroughs of LED technology, entirely new products have been created, along with revolutionizing older designs. The low power usage, small size, reduced heat output, and extended lifespan of LED’s make them ideal choices for a variety … More
Posted on Nov 11, 2014
There is much debate over crystal versus glass. We will be discussing the differences and advantages of each material. Crystal Crystal is actually a type of glass. Normal glass is a mixture of silicate (sand), lime, and soda. This formulation … More
Posted on Nov 4, 2014
  Mounting:  Chandelier Mount Materials/Finish: Amber glass, clear crystal, chrome Sizes:  Large Chandelier: 33.5”D x 79.25H Small Chandelier: 19.5”D x 79.25”H Weight: Large Chandelier: 44 lbs Small Chandelier: 18.9 lbs Bulb: Large Chandelier: 31x 120V G4 Bi-Pin Small Chandelier: 19x 120V G4 Bi-Pin The Hazelton embodies … More
Posted on Oct 27, 2014
As city limits swell and renovations become more popular in established areas, track lighting has become more popular in the residential setting. TYPES OF TRACK LIGHTING Track lights can be divided into two main categories, and two main types of … More
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